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Crashes when you use AirPlay

I want to watch these videos with my friends but I don’t want to crowd around a tiny phone to do so. Even more frustrating is, it DOES work for one second before the app crashes completely.

Love the whole cast

Great almost no ads how do they do it?????????????AMAZING APP


I have to admit it is quite entertaining most of the time.

Love it

Not to belittle any of the stuff on here but I love Good God with God

Funny Or Die

This app is great! Very funny & entertaining! I am Jack's Grandma Doris's best friend & she is very proud of you!

Not the best app. But the funniest ever

If I could only enlarge the pictures on here it would be the best app ever. I use an IPhone and sometimes the script is so small I can barely read it. And it won't enlarge!! But if it means having advertising to expand visual content I stick with the way it is


Great app. Funny too!


Love it!

Very Funny.

The content is in ingenious and app is easy to use with lots of content. Watch Brockmire on IFC!

A good thing

What he said

Always good for a chuckle

FOD is always a good for a laugh, especially when I need one the most


Keeps me entertained all day when I'm supposed to be productive. Thanks for a great app that is weird like me!

A Joke a day keeps the Dr away

Thanks for the laughs

Great app

Funny as hell

My go to app for laughs

👆🏽 that about sums it up

Funny. Good for wasting time.

Currently stuck at airport because United forgot to get a pilot. Funny or Die helps keep me from yelling at someone and getting dragged out.

FOD keeps me laughing all day

Always good for a smile to brighten up my day. Whenever life gets you down, just think of the kid in AirBud who got cut from the team to make room for golden retriever.


My new favorite app


Kinda blows

More funny than dead

Most are funny. But when they're not, they're dead.

Comedic singer/songwriter

Love FunnyOrDie, it's the epitome. Notwithstanding there are great videos that don't get seen. Not to sound self-serving, but I have a video on the site called "It's all about me". It has literally thousands and thousands of hits elsewhere and has won an award of merit, yet it's buried on FunnyOrDie.

So arfing funny...

I got that new Apple TV and watched this app for three hours last night. Between to ferns!!!!


Thank you "alternative" funny! We need this site. When is Between 2 Ferns coming out with a new episode?

It's too funny

Great content.


I'm rating this app because you continually asked me to. You'll get the kind of rating an irked reader would give. My rating of the FunnyOrDie App: Hello!

It's the website

But on the phone so it's easier to press a square than open ur browser


This app has brought me so many rounds of absolutely bent over, breathless mirth, I can hardly express my delight with it. It's guaranteed to give anyone with a sense of humor a few minutes of blessed relief from the stress of a difficult day ➡️🙃⬅️

Always awesome.

I said it already. Awesome.


We all need to be able to laugh. Thank you.


Variable quality, but lots of funny bits.


Really funny videos and articles

Laughing my tail off!

This app has some awesomely funny videos!

Always leaves me laughing

Love it!


Love the app. Easy to use. Tons of content. So funny

So funny I thought I'd die

There is no way I could deal with the (liberal crybaby whining | trumpocalypse) after the election without FoD.


Absolutely hilarious

Between Two Ferns is AWESOME

Zack G is one of the funniest interviewers on the planet!!

Funny or Die is the best!

FOD is probably saving people all over the world! It's hilarious videos are always good for a hearty laugh ... Who doesn't need one of those?!


All ways good for a laugh.


Funny content every day

my warmest regards

hahahahahahahahahahahah ... (whew) ... hahahahahahahahahah ...

Will's there boss.

I mean , what else is there to say? Wills the boss!

Still miss your news app

Love the gifs make my week

Better than

When I walked by a fabric store I saw a sign that said "Felt $1.00." I laughed because I knew I could get felt for free.

Love it!

I agree with other reviewers. It is humor on demand and lots of fun! Definitely try it if you love to laugh, like me.


Where are wee wee


The will Ferrell sound clip for the notification alert scared the stuffing out of me then cracked me up. Smart stuff. I vote:Funny Or add an "in the middle button" lol die is so drastic 😂🙃 great app

Exactly what I wanted for a laugh in the morning!

Everything on here had me rolling. If you like to laugh, you'll like this app. It's that simple.


The most random funny stuff. Menu times topical too. Loved the Donald trump stuff

Breaking new ground!

It is very funny and is breaking new ground in it's new state of the art approach! Extremely well done! Just love it! Professional!!

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